All About Diamonds


Here is a valuable info graph on Diamonds, a women’s best friend. One of the most distinguishing attributes of a diamond is its cut. A Diamond’s cut is an indispensable component in figuring out its brilliance and fire. Even a perfect diamond will appear dim and muted if the cut is inferior. While high grades of intensity, transparency and carat weight also leads to a diamond’s appeal, it’s the cut that controls the harmony of the crystal’s facets, its overall dimensions and its capability to reflect light.

Top 10 Most Expensive Gemstones in the World

Precious gemstones have always attracted men and women throughout the past. In some ancient civilizations, several gemstones were treated as magical artifacts that have healing properties as well as other forces like the ornaments and delights of old. In the time of emperors and monarchs, gemstones were utilized for more than just ornaments. In many instances, precious gemstones were looked at as an indication of lineage and as a symbol for the wise to rule, such as the jewels set in crowns and scepters.